XtremeWorlds 1.0.5: This version is under development. You can find the latest client on

XtremeWorlds 1.0.4: Just released 12-12-12! This is the client and server, everything you need to create your own XtremeWorlds game!

Upgrader 1.0.4 [Screenshot] : Upgrade from previous versions of XtremeWorlds. This tool can also be used to convert from other obsolete engines such as Player Worlds and X-Realms.

Account Manager 1.0.4 [Screenshot] : This tool can be used to modify accounts. It can be used to run reports such as who has admin access and rank players by level.

DLL/OCX Register [Screenshot] : Registers all the required DLL/OCX for XtremeWorlds.

GFX Converter [Screenshot] : Converts items/tiles from sheet format into split images.